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Our Mission

 'To Grow businesses of all sizes and the people behind them (Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals)'.  


We want both you and your business to enjoy sustainable, profitable and ethical growth, whilst impacting the world positively.

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Meet Our Independent Experts

Our Team of Experts are Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Academics and Professionals (LEAPs) operating across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.  We all possess a minimum of 10 years' experience and have achieved personal and professional success within our specialist areas.  

We provide guidance, support and deliver LEAP master classes as well as their own independent projects, to bridge the gap between your current circumstances and your personal, career and business goals.



Patricia Obichukwu
Shareen Binns
Jant Houlis
Lorna Lo P. Stewart
Colleen Sterling
Jacquelne A Hinds
Judith Germain
Louisa Joseph


London, UK Office

0740 222 8200 

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