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Your Experts in

Sustainable and

Profitable Growth

We don't just deliver services   -  We deliver solutions!


We help you to:



In Confidence and Maintain Focus



In depth Business Knowledge



Sales/Profit/Brand Awareness






Your Leaders/Managers/Staff



Mutually Beneficial Relationships



Product/Service Quality


Internal Business Systems


And Implement Strategic Plans

About Us

LEAP Consortium is a collaboration of experts, who are leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and professionals (LEAP's), operating across all industries and sectors.  We are dedicated to supporting business and innovation and the people behind them.  

We Put You At the Heart of Everything We Do. 

You told us what you want and how you want it - andwe listened.  Our business solutions have been developed in consultation with over 5,000 leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals - just like you.  Our aims are to help you to unlock your full potential, bring your ideas to life and excel within your industry (and beyond).   

Our Services 

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Books for Success and Inspiration

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiosaki

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Money Master the Game Tony Robbins
Money Master the Game Tony Robbins

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Unshakeable Tony Robbins
Unshakeable Tony Robbins

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiosaki

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Key Upcoming Events

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The Official Launch of LEAP Consortium's:


First Class Business Club (For NEW leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals)

ILEAP Members Club (For ESTABLISHED leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals)

Helping you to:

  • Build relationships with leaders and influential people

  • Raise your profile as a leader and a person of influence within and beyond your industry

Coming to you in October 2018

Watch This Space For Further Information and Special Offers

Previous Events





Free Admission

Friday 29th June 2018


Novotel Hotel, Greenwich, London

By LEAP Consortium

in conjunction with

NatWest Bank and


Previous Events

The UK Access to Finance and Funding Showcase 

Grants, Sponsorship, Loans, Investors - All Things Finance!


This major event is hosted by Nick Howe, Natwest, Regional Business Manager for London and the South East and Diversity-In-Business Manager.  It is geared to attract hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals across all industries and sectors and will bring you in direct contact with funders, customers, business associates, suppliers, experts, financial services, employment and training and development opportunities. 

 Master Classes

Exhibitors In Attendance:      Click image to connect to their website


Leap Consortium

T:   020 8001 9189

M:  0740 222 8200



We are here to help.  Please contact us if you have any queries

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LEAP services are based on what you want and how you want it.

LEAP makes premium education affordable and accessible.

LEAP provides quality services, delivered exclusively by experts.

LEAP offers a first class solutions-based service, tailored to meet your individual needs.

LEAP adopts a more holistic approach by developing You, Your Business/Ideas, Your Team and Your Relationships.

LEAP donates a portion of the profits you pay for our services, towards good social causes.  Together, we make a difference.

LEAP delivers training in-house, at designated venues, live  online and in pre-recorded formats, so that you can learn wherever you are, when ever you wish to.  

LEAP keeps abreast of changes in industry, market trends, technological advancement and global current affairs to keep you up to date and relevant.

Industry Networking and Events

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