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Our Mission

 To Grow businesses of all sizes and the people behind them (Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals)'.  


We want both you and your business to enjoy sustainable, profitable and ethical growth, whilst impacting the world positively.

Business Development

Business Development

We enable companies and organisations to thrive, as they navigate their way throughout the ever-changing business landscape.

e provide Leadership and Management training and our projects and experts support Business Transformation, Change Management, Access to Finance and Funding, and National & Global Expansion.



For: Companies and Your Leadership and Management Teams


Our Programme covers key areas to support Your Personal Development as a confident and competent Business Leader or Manager.


It is designed to Enhance Your Effective Communication, Negotiation and Decision-Making Skills and develop a Solutions-Based Approach to challenges.  This will enable you to Increase Your Impact on Your Business and Your Influence Within Your Industry.

You will also learn strategies to achieve Business Sustainability, Profitability, Ethical Standards and Best Practice, which will increase the reputation and resilience of Your Business and Brand.

All sessions are delivered by HR Specialists, Prince II Qualified Trainers, Industry Experts and Successful Entrepreneurs.  Candidates can follow our Full Programme or attend individual Master Classes.  

Also, a Bespoke Programmes can be requested by selecting 10 topics from the list below, in order to meet the specific aims and objectives of your company or organisation:

Topics Covered:

  • Dynamic Leadership Qualities (Building Your: Confidence, Public Speaking and Communication 


  • Persuasive Communication Skills (for Public Speaking, Writing, Networking, Negotiation and Relationship Building): Enhance your active listening, emotional intelligence, logical reasoning, negotiation and interpersonal skills​ and learn NLP.

  • Stress Management, Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing:  Strategies for you and your team to support mental health and wellbeing.

  • Building Trust and Effective Partnerships

  • Negotiating and Securing Contracts

  • Leading, Managing and Implementing the Company's Vision (Business Planning and Strategic Management)

  • Leading and Managing High Performance Teams (Goal Setting, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Building Morale and Cohesion, HR Responsibilities, Investors in People)


  • Managing Information and Presenting Data Analysis (Preparing and Presenting Reports)

  • Managing Digital Communication and Disruptive Technologies to Increase Efficiency and Productivity (AI, CRM, Automation, Diary, Accounts, Payments)

  • Optimising Your Digital Presence (Social Media, Website, SEO and Understanding Data Analytics)

  • Managing Finance and Budgets

  • Procurement and Managing Resources

  • Business Sustainability and Profitability (creating a business model and pricing to be in profit) 

  • Preparing to Access Finance and Funding (Loans, Investment, Grants, Fundraising)

  • Risk Management and Recovery (Business Disruption, Cyber Security, Financial Contingency Planning, Recession Planning)

  • Health & Safety

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - EDI (Inclusive Leadership, HR Roles, Conscious and Unconscious Bias)

  • Environmental Sustainability (Reducing Your Carbon Footprint)

  • Dealing Empathetically With Recruitment, Retention, Redeployment and Redundancies

  • Preparing for National and Global Expansion of Your Business or Brand

  • Marketing: Increasing Sales, Contracts and Customer Engagement

  • Legal Compliance (GDPR, Financial Accounts, Record Keeping, DBS Checks, Due Diligence)


For: Employees and Contracted Staff Who Are at Risk of Unemployment or Redeployment

We support business transformation by helping businesses and organisations to manage their redundancy process and staff exit strategy, in alignment with investors in people.   

Our programmes takes a people-centred and empathetic approach to staff whom are at risk of redundancy, redeployment or termination of contract.   We provide Information, training and advice which prepares your staff for life beyond your organisation.

This online programme is unique, in that it has been jointly created by employees who have experienced redundancy, business leaders who have had to manage the redundancy process and specialist HR consultants.

This programme is delivered in partnership with major organisations and institutions dedicated to offering: Unemployment Services, Pensions & Retirement Advisory Services, Finance & Debt Support Services, Adult Education, Training Providers and Business Start-Up Services.

Topics Covered:

  • CV Enhancement, Interview Techniques and Job Search

  • Welfare Benefit Entitlement

  • Self-Employment and Business Start-Up

  • Pension Entitlement and Preparing for Retirement

  • Financial Management and Budgeting

  • Career and Skills Development Opportunities (Apprenticeship, Further Education, Training)

  • Career Change and Re-Skilling

  • Bridging the Digital Skills Gap:  Understanding and Using Digital Technology

  • Building/Re-Building Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Information About Support Services is Provided at the End of the programme (Citizens Advice Bureau, Step Change etc)



For: Company HR Teams, Leadership & Management Teams, EDI Teams and Employees

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop addresses discrimination and increases inclusion. It enables candidates to understand conscious and unconscious bias created by human perception, AI technology and data analytics).


This Training also equips HR, EDI and Leadership & Management Teams with the knowledge and skills to develop/update their Equal Opportunities Policies and Procedures and implement Best Practice to create Equity of Opportunity.


It is also beneficial to all employees as it sets out a clear code of conduct, to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment, in which all staff can feel valued and respected.

This training is unique, in that it has been created by HR specialists and representatives from diverse communities/groups who have lived experience of inequality based on their identities and circumstances.

It also takes into consideration the changing work environment post-pandemic, and addresses the challenges around EDI Fairness and Best Practice in the redundancy redeployment process as we enter into a recession.   


Topics Covered:

Protected Characteristics and The Law (Equality Act 2010):

  • Age

  • Disability (Visible & Hidden)

  • Gender Re-Assignment

  • Marriage & Civil Partnerships

  • Pregnancy and Maternity

  • Race

  • Religion & Belief

  • Sex

  • Sexual Orientation

Diversity in the Workplace:

  • The Importance of Diversity in the Boardroom and Workplace

  • The Difference Between Equality, Equity and Liberation of Opportunity

  • Conscious and Unconscious Bias

  • Women (Pay and Gender Equality)

EDI and the Changing Work Environment-Post Pandemic (Impact on Staff)

  • Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing

  • Flexible Working (i.e Hours, Location; Remote Office, Hybrid Working etc)

The Impact of Inequality

  • The Impact of Inequality on Mental Health and the Overall Wellbeing of Staff

  • The Impact of Inequality on Productivity,  Workplace Culture, Morale and The Reputation of the Company 

Organisational Transformation -Implementing, Managing and Monitoring Change:

  • Changing Attitudes

  • EDI Policy and Procedure Development

  • Managing Tribunals and Implementing an EDI Complaints, Whistleblowing and Investigation Process

  • Setting Up Company Diversity Committee(s) to monitor, address and implement change

  • EDI Fairness and Best Practice in the Recruitment, Redundancy and Redeployment Process


Our experts provide advice and guidance to assist with shaping your vision, creating and implementing procedures, and managing projects (events, products and services)

To book a consultation or to find a consultant click the button below.

Personal Development

Personal Development

We enhance the peak performance of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals to increase productivity and profitability through mentorship and training.  

Also, our Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing Initiatives aim to increase self-esteem, good mental health and creates happier, more fulfilled and empowered individual.


For: Founders, Self-Employed, Freelancers and Other Independent Professionals 

Our programme is designed to help you to become a better and more effective Leader, Entrepreneur or Professional.  


We help you to identify your qualities, skillset and competencies along with your areas for personal growth.

We also teach you key strategies that enable you to enhance your overall performance. 


All sessions are delivered by HR Specialists, Prince II Qualified Trainers, Industry Experts, Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  Candidates can follow our Full Programme or attend individual Master Classes.

Topics Covered:

  • The Qualities of a Good Leader: Understanding the Essential qualities of great leaders. 

  • Your Leadership Style: Enhancing Your Leadership Skills and Style, While Building Your Confidence and Resilience. 

  • Business and Project Planning for Sustainable Development: Business Plan Writing and/or Project Plan Writing. 

  • Creating and Managing a Dynamic Team: Finding Talent With the Right Skill-set, Mind-Set For the Right Roles. Also, Building, Motivating and Incentivising Your Team.


  • Effective Time Management For Work: Digital Technology, Systems and Strategies to help Prioritise Your Workload, Increase Productivity and Efficiency.

  • Finding the Right Social Media and Communication Channels For our Business/Idea: Using Social Media and Your Website to Find, Attract, Engage Your Target Customer, promote yourself or your product/service and Secure Sales and investment

  • Increasing and Securing Sales, Contracts and Customers: 


  • Access to Finance and Funding: 

  • Building Effective Partnerships: Communication and Negotiation Skills

  • Understanding Data Analytics

  • Managing Finance and Budgets

  • Defining Success and Setting SMART Goals: Creating Your Blue Print for Success, While Staying Focus and Motivated.

  • Stress Management and Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing




For: All Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals


Personal wellbeing is an important aspect of life.  Whilst you pursue your goals it is essential that you take care of yourself and manage your relationships and responsibilities.  


This highly interactive online retreat will give you the tools and strategies to balance your work, life, family, important relationships and other responsibilities.  


This life-transforming session will also empower you to realise and value your self-worth and is designed to increase self-awareness, build confidence and self-esteem.

Topics Covered:

  • Effective Time Management for Work: Prioritising Your Workload and Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

  • Adopting New Beneficial Thought Processes and Habits: Challenging Your Negative Self-Talk ​and Breaking Your Old Habits and Cycles 

  • Increasing Peace of Mind and Harmony Within Your Life: Relaxation, Meditation and Leisurely Pursuits to Enhance Your Happiness

  • The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health and Wellbeing:  Mental Health, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Wellbeing

  • Finding Your Authentic Self: Defining Your Self-Worth, Building Your Confidence and Dealing With Imposter Syndrome​​.


  • Creating Time for Yourself: Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Personal Time and Knowing When, and How, to Say "No" Assertively.

  • Managing Your Social Media:  Limiting Time on Social Media and Restricting Notifications to Create a Non-Intrusive Environment.

  • Goal Setting for Life:  Creating a Vision Board and Setting SMART Goals for Your Desired Life (Looking at 12 Key Areas).

  • Stress Management: Knowing Your Triggers and Creating Strategies to Prevent, Avoid, Reduce or Address Them.

  • Time Management Strategies for Your Personal Life: Creating a Schedule to Make Time for Yourself, Your Family, Life Partner and Important Relationships.

  • Self-Reflection: Moving Forward, Looking at Your Past, Present and Future

  • Knowing When to Ask for Help



Our experts provide advice and guidance to assist with shaping your vision, creating and implementing procedures, and managing projects (events, products and services)​To book a consultation or to find a mentor click the button below.

Working Together
Experts Panel

Our Experts

Our UK & Global Specialists have over 20 years experience and excel within their field of expertise.

They share their wealth of knowledge, experience, best practice and ethical business acumen, enhancing your reputation and your brand.

They also connect you and your business with the right people and opportunities, enabling you and your business to grow and to obtain access to influential circles and to potential customers.



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